New summer houses, sun rooms, sheds and more

New summer houses with bi-fold doors

New summer houses, sun rooms, sheds and more

Until recently, garden buildings generally came into two versions (and designs for new summer houses with few and far between). There were sheds, which were mostly utilitarian, and standard summer houses, which were mostly draughty (and often just looked like large sheds). Beyond that, the choices mainly involved deciding between large, medium and small, and, perhaps, what the doors were like.

In 2017, the picture looks very different. Garden buildings are now integral to how many of us live – places to work, entertain, chill out or exercise all year round. Because of this, the old choices of shed versus summer house, large versus small don’t cut it anymore.

Summer houses with bi-fold doors

At GardenLife, we continually add new models, designs and features to our range of timber garden buildings. We’re always in pursuit of your ideal – helping you find the dimensions, layout and design details that perfectly match your aesthetic or the way you want to use a garden building.

Take the new choices we’ve added to our range this year (some of which we’ve teased our Facebook followers with):

New summer houses with bi-fold doors

Already proving popular are our new bi-fold doors, available on our Ines and Lea summer houses. They open up most of the building width, ideal for parties or enjoying the sunshine.

The doors are double-glazed, insulated enough for year-round use.  And to maximise light and airiness – in summer or winter – both models have optional side windows.

A gazebo with glass or timber sides (or neither)

‘Optional’ is a word we use a lot at GardenLife. As great believers in flexibility, we offer our new models with different configurations.

New gazebo with side panels

With our Lucy gazebo, for instance, you can have it with open sides; with solid timber wall elements; or with an option we’re especially proud of – wall elements with glass panels. You can tailor it perfectly to your garden and preferences, having wind shelter and views exactly where you want them.

New summer houses in different sizes, configurations and shapes

Another model that spoils you for choice is Melanie, now available in six– yes, six – sizes and configurations.

The underlying idea is the same for all six– it’s a corner summer house (for efficient use of garden space) with views and light on three sides. But you can choose between different dimensions or window sizes, and even add a splendid 8.3 sq m of covered space – somewhere for a barbecue, sandpit or hot tub, perhaps?

New configurable summer houses

Other new sun rooms also come into different sizes and shapes. For example, Mary has the option of different sizes or roof extensions – great for storing logs, bikes or other equipment.

New storage sheds

And our popular Lotta and Klara log cabins each come in three sizes.  And we’re not talking small variations here.

The smallest version of Klara offers a useful and attractive 4.7sq m – perfect for a playhouse, summer house or painting space in a compact garden. In contrast, the largest Klara cabin has a whopping 17 sq m of space – enough for an entire painting class or army of small children.

On trend: new wood treatment and roof options

Another innovation for this summer is our new dip treatment options. As before, you can buy the cabins untreated, and apply wood preservative yourself. Or you can now buy them dip-treated, to protect the timber against mould, rot, wood-destroying fungi and insects.

New dip treatment for garden buildings

You can choose between:

  • grey, which makes the timber look aged and weathered (in a good way)
  • brown, which intensifies the natural appearance of the timber, making it richer in colour
  • clear, which gives you a blank canvas for any paint colour

On roofs too, there are new choices, with shingles now available in black, red and green.

And the rest: from a stunning verandah to guinea pig paradise

If you’re not already dazzled by the choice of new summer houses and sun room designs, we should mention a few new styles that are far outside the traditional shed/garden building spectrum.

A stunning addition is the Agneta garden cottage. As you’d expect if you’ve read this far, it comes into a choice of sizes. The larger version has a huge terrace on two sides – so much verandah space, you’re practically in Gone with the Wind territory.

Less grand but more contemporary and urban are Hedwig and Ethel – both slick, QuickFit designs with modern fine-sawn cladding – as well as large multi-room storage sheds Jari, Olaf and Kalle.

New large multi-room garden shed

And last but certainly not least, there’s Roger, a seriously large and robust garage that could fit not only a large vehicle but probably several record collections, old mowers, a table football table and every bike your children have ever grown out of. And with 70mm timber walls, this garage should be warm and insulated enough for even the most pampered of guinea pigs.

So there are plenty of new summer houses and design features to tempt you, but as ever, we’ve kept the details that set our range apart – slow-grown timber, solid construction, robust fittings, durability, and good service. If you’d like to chat through any of the options, choices and practicalities, just get in touch – we’d be delighted to help.

New garden buildings for 2015

Seven new garden buildings for 2015

There’s already a huge range of real-timber summer houses, garden rooms and offices, workshops and garages on the GardenLife website, but each year we add a few more models to extend the richness of choice. Some reflect emerging lifestyle trends (for example, more people starting to work in timber garden offices); others reflect changing tastes (for example, a growing interest in contemporary garden building styles).

This year is no different – we’ve added several new garages, weekend houses, and garden summer rooms that you could use as anything from an office to a playroom. Below we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites, and what we think our buildings are best used for. And if you don’t see any ideas here that immediately grab you, there are other new 2015 styles elsewhere on the site.

Best garden room for people who want it all: Carla

Spacious L-shaped garden room with separate storage unit
Not sure whether you want a great summer house or a great storage space? The new L-shaped Carla garden room gives you both. There’s an airy, light room for entertaining, working or chilling out, plus a 146 x 461 cm space for storing bikes, work materials, lawnmowers or toys – with its own separate entrance. 44mm log walls mean Carla is warm enough to use all year around, and not just as a dumping ground.

Best modern summer room for contemporary gardens: Simone

Modern timber summer room ideal for a contemporary garden design
Simone is a modernist’s (or postmodernist’s) dream, brilliant for a city garden. It’s also great for those who like things done fast, since its Quick Fit ready-made wall elements are designed for fast and easy assembly.
The wall elements are covered with wind-protection plastic and fine-sawn timber cladding. The room is delivered unfinished, giving you complete freedom over colour schemes and styling.

Best timber building for weekending or working: Amber

Spacious weekend cabin or garden office
The Nordic tradition of building timber weekend houses – in the woods or near the beach – is catching on in the UK, and it’s a habit worth acquiring. More people are choosing to work from home too, and the spare bedroom may not be adequate as an office or work room. Amber is the perfect place to escape the city or the suburbs, with a large living area and a double bedroom, or if you need space to work, it would also make a perfect office, with room for storage and even a private meeting room. Deep windows let light and views pour in, helping you enjoy your surroundings. When the sun goes down or colder days set in, Amber retains its attractions. With 70mm log walls and double-glazed windows, it offers high levels of insulation and draught protection – this is a top-quality design built for many years of four-season use.

Best garden office for empire-building: Violet

The large, luxurious and modern Violet garden office or summer room
If 2015 is the year you set up a home business empire, then we have various buildings that you can use as your garden office. As we said above, Amber is an idyllic weekend house, but its sturdy build and two spacious rooms make it an impressive timber garden office too. And another new model, Violet with its long, sleek design and windowed frontage, would suit many types of home business – it would make a great showroom, design studio, or alternative therapies studio. The smaller 193 x 286 cm space is ideal for storing materials or finished goods.

Best low cost gazebo for barbecues, hot tubs and no-frills weather protection: Bella

A truly elegant and low cost garden gazebo
If you’re not quite ready for a timber garden office or two-room weekend house, how about keeping it simple with the Bella gazebo? There are no superfluous design details, just elegant proportions, a robust construction, and shelter from too much sun or too much rain. Bella is available with or without flooring, ensuring extra flexibility in terms of budgeting and garden planning.

Best timber garage for car owners (or obsessives): Garage 5

Combined timber garage and carport
It’s a hard choice here to nominate our favourite garage. There’s Garage 5 – our first-ever all-in-one garage and carport. The garage measures 328 x 510 cm, with a choice of up-and-over door, front-opening wooden doors, or no door. And the smaller carport is ideal for a small car, or even a wood store.

On the other hand, there’s the smaller, simpler Garage 1, a more compact but equally attractive affair, with the same three door choices. Both are built from sturdy Nordic timber that will protect your car from the elements in all weathers and seasons.

Best summer house for those seeking quality on a budget: Melinda

Spacious modern summer room available with roof extension kit - See more at:
We’ve introduced a choice of models this year. There are two simple summer houses – the Michelle and the Melinda – and then we’ve added two choices of extended storage areas. All models measure under 2.5m in height, so in many parts of the UK you won’t need planning permission. There are flat roofs to aid drainage, laminated doorframes to boost weatherproofing, and real timber logs to make both models look brilliant.

We could go on for several more pages about our new garden buildings for 2015, mentioning free delivery as standard, a quality five year guarantee, and the best price online. But far better that we stop now, and let you choose your own favourites from the range. Go ahead, and enjoy the choice.

New timber garden buildings for 2014

New timber garden buildings for 2014
New timber garden buildings
GardenLife have been working hard over the winter months to come up with some new designs and layouts for a range of high quality timber garden buildings.

Fiona (top left) is a new timber building that would make a perfect garden room or garden office. It features a modular design which means it’s quick to install too (ideal if you’re not great at DIY).

Jody (top right) is a large timber summerhouse with a modern design and bright interior. Spacious and contemporary it would be a great office or relaxing summerhouse.

Robert (bottom right) is one of our new traditional style carports. Suitable for two cars, this traditional timber carport is a good alternative to a garage and helps keeps the leaves and frost off the car in autumn and winter.

Iris (bottom left) is a lovely summerhouse with two large windows and a double door – great for letting light in and even better for enjoying the view of your garden.

In centre spot in the image above is Grace – a huge multi-purpose summerhouse with a porch area, two entrance ways and four big windows running along one wall. This garden summer house offers space, light, style and an interior that can be divided up for different uses (maybe a garden office and a summerhouse, or a gym and a games room).

We’ve also got other new timber garden buildings in stock this year (all with free delivery, a quality five year warranty and the best price online guaranteed), so check out the website to find out more.

New for 2013; childrens wooden playhouses

We are delighted to announce that as of this year we are now selling beautiful wooden playhouses for children. These high quality playhouses are made from high quality Nordic spruce that is slow grown in the Baltic to ensure durability and long lasting protection from the British weather.

These lovely children’s playhouses would make a great gift or present and would bring years of happy memories for the whole family. The playhouses are easy to assemble and come untreated, so you are free to paint them however you (or your kids) desire. Find out more in our shop.

Children’s timber play equipment now on sale

New for 2013, we’ve just added four different sets of children’s play equipment to the GardenLife shop. All offer the best possible quality and safety levels, and they are FSC certified too:

If you’re looking to get your children into the garden this year (should the winter ever end) what better than a wooden garden swing, climbing ladder or slide to keep them entertained? Check out the shop for more details.

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