The GardenLife Log Cabins “Shed of the Year”

GardenLife Log Cabins have been so inspired by the Channel 4 show “Shed of the Year” that we’ve decided to run our own competition (read on for entry details). Why? Well here are several reasons that make garden sheds and timber buildings a great idea.

1. A garden building makes life better

June and July are great months for fans of the garden cabin (or sheddies, as some of them prefer to be known). Not just because they’re fine months for garden living, but because it’s the annual Shed of the Year Competition that’s broadcast on Channel 4.

For four weeks on C4 you can devote your Sunday evenings to ogling some of the best garden sheds, cabins, summer houses and other garden buildings in Britain. It’s a month-long feast of design (and often eccentricity), and you can see when the shows air here.

This year’s competition has eight categories:

  • Normal
  • Eco Garden Office
  • Cabin & Summerhouse
  • Workshops & Studios
  • Unique
  • Pub Sheds
  • Historical
  • Budget

That list in itself reminds you of the huge range of possible uses for a garden cabin, from workshop to office to chill-out space to pub, and how these simple timber structures can enhance your garden design and spare time. There are over 2500 entries in the competition this year – each one of them has no doubt enriched the owner’s life in some way, by providing somewhere to escape, work, run a business, pursue a hobby, rehouse the kids, or simply express themselves.

2. Every shed has an idea we can borrow

Winner of the 2014 Shed of the Year competition was Joel Bird, with his wondrous ‘allotment roof shed’:

Shed of the Year 2014

Joel’s shed, with a full allotment on top, is beyond the ambition and gardening prowess of many of us, but his approach gives good ideas for us mere mortals to incorporate into a garden building:

  • the lights are powered by a solar panel
  • a wood-burning stove makes it warm enough for year-round use
  • his cabin is divided into different ‘zones’: one for art, one for a music studio, and a workshop area where he mends his bike

Whether you buy a log cabin or design one from scratch, it’s good to think about the different uses or zones you may want from it. You should also consider the balance between space to store things and space to do things.

3. DIY expertise is optional

To acquire a unique garden building, you don’t need to design from scratch. The winner of last year’s Cabin & Summerhouse category transformed an affordable flatpack cabin into a Caribbean-themed garden retreat, with the aid of paint, bunting, mementoes from holidays, a day bed and Moroccan tapestry cushions. The shed is beautiful, and also inspiring because the ideas are do-able at home.

Shed of the Year

4. The whole world is at your fingertips

Whether you want a Caribbean-themed retreat, or something reminiscent of Scandinavia, a very good source of design inspiration is Describing itself as a ‘visual community’ for homeowners and home professionals, it has thousands of photos of home interiors, exteriors and gardens all searchable by themes, styles or type of room. Much of it is aspirational rather than real-life but it will give you lots of ideas that you could replicate or scale down.

5. The pub shed has gone global

Whilst the Caribbean haven above would be a perfect backdrop for cocktails, the Shed of the Year pub shed category is usually more beer and whisky-themed. The appeal of having a British pub in your back garden seems to have crossed the Atlantic too – even the San Francisco Globe had an article earlier this year about the pub shed trend.

Timber garden pub

6. Garden buildings are for work, as well as rest and play

Truly enviable in the Shed of the Year competition are the garden offices, because for many of us they represent not just an amazing building but a whole shift in lifestyle – salvation from commuting through traffic jams or in packed expensive trains.

If you are daydreaming about a lifestyle shift to a garden office, there’s a great website and blog at

7. You can have your own Shed of the Year

The GardenLife Log Cabins "Shed of the Year"

As mentioned above, at GardenLife we so enjoy Shed of the Year that we’ve decided to have our own informal shed competition! So, if you’ve built your own stunning shed or customised a garden building that you bought, send a photo of your amazing creation to for a chance to win £25 in vouchers (sorry, we can’t respond to all entrants). We’ll announce a winner in September and will post the best photos on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and our blog. Good luck!

Log cabin blind auction now on!

Bid now and save hundreds of pounds! GardenLife Log Cabins are running an amazing blind auction. We have three beautiful log cabins in the auction and the reserve price is the factory price! That’s a potential saving of up to £464!

To enter the blind auction all you need do is choose the garden building that you like (either the Liffey garden room, the Tweed summerhouse or the Blackadder log cabin), submit a bid that’s over the factory price, and towards the end of August the person with the winning bid will be able to purchase their chosen cabin with a massive saving. You really could save hundreds of pounds with this unique blind auction!

As usual, this offer comes with free shipping to the UK mainland and our quality 5 year warranty, but if you’d like felt roofing you’ll need to purchase this as an extra.

Visit the website now for advice and to view the rules!

Log cabin blind auction!

Log cabin blind auctionIn early August GardenLife Log Cabins will be offering a truly unique way to buy a stunning quality log cabin at an amazingly low price. For a trial period we will be running a blind auction on three cabins: the Tweed, Liffey and Blackadder. What’s so special about this? Well, the reserve price for each of these beautiful timber buildings will be the factory price! What does that mean? When the blind auction is running all you need do is submit a bid by email for the price that you think will be good enough to win the auction. It’s that simple; submit the right value bid and you could win a log cabin and save hundreds of pounds on the RRP! Check out our special offers page during August to find out more.

Another month, another winner!

Another month, another winner!

Well after the amazingly hot weather came the rain and storms, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits when it came to buying log cabins! It did make for a busy spell for GardenLife, which meant that yet again we’ve been horrendously slow at announcing this month’s Facebook prize draw winner – sorry!

So without further ado we can offer our congratulations to Helen Stewart from Aberdeen. Well done Helen, you won the July GardenLife Log Cabins prize draw. All you need do is get in touch with us and we’ll forward your £25 Marks & Spencer vouchers!

If you’d like a chance to win £25 M&S vouchers all you need do to enter the GardenLife competition is follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page, or if you have already done that, like one of our comments, leave a comment of your own, or share one of our pages with a friend. Best of luck from the GardenLife Log Cabins team!

Good things come to those who wait!

Good things come to those who wait! Sorry for the delay in the announcement; we’ve had to source and airlift in a new hat that was big enough to hold the names of all the prize draw entrants! So without further delay, we’re happy to announce that the winner of the GardenLife Log Cabins prize draw for April is Lisa Marie Osler from Kingston upon Hull. Congratulations Lisa! If you get in touch with us we can forward your £25 Marks & Spencer vouchers!

As the weather can’t make it’s mind up at the moment (spring one day, summer the next, then back to winter again) we’re going to stick with the M&S vouchers for now (so even if the weather isn’t great you can pamper yourself indoors should you win them).

Remember, all you need do to enter the GardenLife competition is like our Facebook page, or if you have already done that, like one of our comments, leave a comment of your own, or share our page with a friend. Best of luck from the GardenLife Log Cabins team!

The £25 M&S vouchers go to…

The £25 M&S vouchers go to... Congratulations to Patricia Roberts from Bedfordshire. Well done Patricia, you are the winner of the March prize draw from GardenLife Log Cabins! Send us an email confirming your address and we’ll forward your £25 Marks & Spencer vouchers straight away! You can then spoil yourself with a treat from M&S!

If you missed out on the vouchers last month don’t fret; we’ll be running this competition for quite some time. To enter the draw you can like our Facebook page, or if you have already done that, like one of our comments, leave a comment of your own, or share our page with a friend. Best of luck from the GardenLife Log Cabins team!

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