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T. Jones

Children's timber playhouses

Outdoor timber playhouses that are ideal for the back garden

Our timber playhouses can be enjoyed by children and their use is only limited by imagination. Built from sturdy 16mm timber and finished to the highest standard, these playhouses offer exceptional value and the opportunity for priceless childhood memories. There's a great range of styles to choose from too; traditional playhouses, timber playhouses on stilts, designs for girls and boys, a contemporary style playhouse and even a Swiss chalet style playhouse. All prices shown are inclusive of VAT and include free shipping to anywhere in the mainland UK from our office in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Children’s timber playhouses

Felix (1.9Sq m)

Toby (2.1Sq m)

Toby (2.1Sq m)

Sam (2.4Sq m)

Sam (2.4Sq m)

Harry (3.1Sq m)

Harry (3.1Sq m)

Tom (3.8Sq m)

Tom (3.8Sq m)

Otto (3.6Sq m)

Otto (3.6Sq m)

GardenLife children's timber playhouses for sale

A timber playhouse for the garden can help children gather delightful memories of pretend games and time with their friends - you probably have your own happy memories of treehouses, timber playhouses or garden dens. It's a timeless and wonderful part of childhood and growing up.

People complain about today's children spending too much time on electronic toys, but give them an outdoor timber playhouse and you'll see their imaginations are as vivid as they ever were. The playhouse will turn into something different each day, and you'll be amazed and amused by what the kids come up with.

All our timber playhouses combine durability, safety and excellent value, plus they are delivered flat packed and unpainted so you can apply your own choice of paint colours. Strong, secure materials - from plexiglass to dense, weather-resistant timber - give protection against the elements and are long-lasting, coping fantastically with bad British weather.

All these children's playhouses are also easy to build too, even if you have only basic DIY experience. If you have questions about what type of base you'll need, or whether to go for options like roof felting, we're happy to help, by phone or email, and please do always remember to check our guide to planning permission as well as your local planning authority regulations before erecting a timber garden structure.